Schedule 2017

Information regarding Geshe Thubten Sherab's teaching schedule for North America in 2017 is provided below.


Feb 28-March 9

Awakening Inner Peace and Joy
Generating the Bodhichitta Mind
Healing Anger through the Practice of Patience

Namdro Ling Study Group, Miami Beach, Florida

March 9-16

Nagarjuna's Letter to a Friend
Healing Anger through the Practice of Patience

Guhyasamaja - Washington, DC

March 16-23

Shantideva - New York City, NY

March 23-30

Augmenting our Wisdom and Compassion

Lama Yeshe Ling - Burlington, Ontario

March 30-April 6

Practicing the Path - The Lamrim Teachings

Dharmakaya - Reno, Nevada

April 6-13

Gendun Drubpa - Williams Lake, British Columbia

April 13-20

Understanding the Eight Worldly Dharmas
Bodhisattva Way of Life - Patience
Diamond Cutter Sutra
Developing the Good Heart: Eight Verses Mind Training

Ocean of Compassion Buddhist Center - Campbell, California

April 20-26

Osel Shen Pen Ling - Missoula, Montana

April 26-May 2

Lama Yeshe House - Denver, Colorado